Clinton Wants New Drunk Driving Law

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Sat Dec 26 11:22:19 PST 1998

Dear Doug and the LBOers,

After reading this story, I can only wonder what day next week the President plans on tendering his resignation on---how many self inflicted wounds can the guy endure.

Drudge is reporting a brawl in the White House between the First Lady and the President. His cite is the National Enquirer which he claims has the same law firm as the President. According to Drudge the Enquirer will report that the brawl was so bad that the secret service had to break it up, with the President screaming somthing like, "get that crazy bitch out of here."

I'm not a big drinker, matter of fact I'm somewhat of a tee-totaller. I do understand that a couple of beers on an empty stomach, under the President's legislation, will put the average person over the line. We had an incident not to long ago when one of my political pals a small city mayor stopped and had two beers at a tavern with some of the local politicos after an evening meeting of his cities council. The police were waiting for the mayor after he left the tavern he had been in for about an hour. Just by luck he was only slightly under the limit.(.10) The mayor attributed the police interest to their desire for some new police cars. President Clinton wants to lower this to .08.

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