Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Sat Dec 26 17:32:36 PST 1998

Dear Ed,

Speaking of worry. Why don't you fill us in on the antics of the alleged "Blue Knight". I understand that the FBI and the County Police are looking into his shooting of a motorist?

Missing the good old days when the ward chairman picked the police.

Sincerely, Tom L.

Edward E Skiba wrote:

> Sam Pawlett wrote:
> > . . . crimes
> >of the Hell's Angels run the gamut from rape,murder,extortion to high-level
> >dope dealing, racketeering, embezzlement, money laundering and fraud. I don't
> >doubt it. I don't know of anything remotely resembling scholarly literature on
> >bike gangs but guess that there are a few Master's thesis' around.
> If you can find it, check out Volume 2, Number 4, Winter 1996 of the
> journal "Transnational Organized Crime", a Frank Cass Journal
> ( pp 131-152 for the 1996 Annual Report on Organized Crime
> in Canada. There is a rather long and detailed section on Canadian Biker
> gangs with a great deal on a war between the Hell's Angels and a group of
> whom I've never heard, the Rock Machine. I plan on subscribing to this
> journal when my finances improve. Here in Pittsburgh it is the Pagans we
> have to worry about.
> ED

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