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[folks in & around NYC might find the lure of hundreds of convening economists irresistible...]

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Doug, please circulate to your email discussion list.

Paul Bartlett has put up the URPE at ASSA schedule for January 3-5, 1999, meetings in NYC on his organization's website (along with the Fall newsletter). We hope to see you at the meetings.

Check out: http://www.cbns.org/urpe/

Also, the reception and and a special business meeting are scheduled:

RRPE/URPE reception Sunday January 3, 1999 5:30-7:30pm Princess Ballroom Sheraton

URPE Business Meeting Sunday January 3, 1999 7:30pm Sheraton Liberty Suite #4 3rd floor

Also, URPE will have a presence at the ICARE table (the heterodox economics umbrella group) where folks should have extra copies of the URPE schedule.

Susan Fleck

FLECK_S at BLS.GOV W (202)-606-5654, ext 415 H (301)-270-1486

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