the Butler did it

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Tue Dec 29 13:04:24 PST 1998

> Accchhh. Frances! Everyone! Judy just arrived at my door!
> Hey, can we start this reading around the week of the 18th or so?
> No exact date has been set, though there've been demands regarding when we
> can begin: AFTER the tenth. So, how's everyone with the 18th or even the
> 25th. That'll give me time to get this copied and sent to Paul--cause I'm
> moving yet again, but finally, finally to a permanent place. Hurray!!!

The 12th of Never wouldn't be too soon for me.

Went to two of our best used book stores looking for PLOP. Dialog at the first one:

mbs: name of Judy Butler mean anything to you?

bookseller: ah, no, should I know her?

mbs: no she's an author.

bksllr: oh a writer. Judy who?

mbs: Judy Butler.

bksl: Is she good?

mbs: No. I'm looking for her book, The Psychic Life of Power.

bksllr: We'd put it in our New Age/Occult section, along with other Esoterica.

mbs: no, I looked there already.

bksllr: try the store 'Kultura' on Connecticut.

mbs: thanks.

On the plus side, while rummaging I found a copy of "The Populist Reader" for $2.50.

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