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Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 30 11:23:56 PST 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:

> [The demographic implosion continues...]
> Russian Population down in 1998
> Natural population decline remained the chief reason for the dropping
> numbers, the committee said, adding that only 44.2 percent of the margin of
> the death toll over birth rate was offset by the inflow of immigrants in
> 1998.Russia saw 439,400 new migrants this year, whereas 174,500 left the
> country. The figures for last year were 490,200 and 196,600, respectively.
> The rise in the mortality rate has been attributed largely to the effects
> of rampant alcoholism and declining standards of health care during
> Russia's painful transition to a market economy.
> Last year, an official Russian report said the declining population posed a
> threat to national security.


Are there data to show that alcoholism in Russia increase since the shift from communism? The attribution to declining health care standards is intriguing. China also suffer a general decline in public health, but Chinese population did not decline, not to mention a near total environmental collapse in term of polluted air and water. Has anyone looked at the cultural impacts of the shift from a socialist to market eonomy? Any data on life expectancy befroe and after the shift? What rationale did the Russian report give for interpreting a declining population as a national security threat? Happy New Year,


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