Thurow and Euro

J Cullen reporter at
Wed Dec 30 13:45:26 PST 1998

If there is a run on the dollar, causing it to fall in value versus the euro, could that be a good thing for American producers, since American products would be more competitive on the world market? In other words, who gets burned if the dollar falls, bankers or workers?

-- Jim Cullen

>Have not read it, but if the message is that the euro will provide global
>funds another safe haven alternative to the dollar, causing a run on it and
>forcing it to fall, Thurow has been saying that for almost a year.
>The prospect is real and imminent. Most central banks and institutions are
>fully set up to move on January 1, 1999. Much dollar assets are already
>Tom Lehman wrote:
>> Dear Doug and the LBOers,
>> Anyone read Lester Thurow on the Euro in the January 11th edition of the
>> Nation. Anything tu-it.
>> Your email pal,
>> Tom L.

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