Geopolitics of Leftism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Dec 31 06:11:12 PST 1998

> So, the death of socialism was in 1917 when the autonomy
>of the local soviets was taken away and worker's control wiped out. Wage
>labor never disappeared, which 19th century socialism always stressed. So
>can you call it socialism? The only way you can is if you've bought into
>Western and Soviet propaganda. Oh well, its not the only one of life's sad
>Damon Mac Fodge

What gibbering nonsense. To reduce the complexity of the Russian revolution to a paragraph is typical of the blather that goes on in newsgroups. At least Damon could conform to usenet style and use a decent tag like "David O'Bedlam", who is the house anarchist on alt.politics.socialism.trotsky.

I am not even going to try to correct all of his factual errors, but would direct folks to messages of the last 3 months on apst, which have covered the Russian revolution in depth. If you want to understand this event, by the way, there is no better unbiased source than W. C. Chamberlain's 2 volume history "Russian Revolution 1917-1918", Princeton.

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