I feel so dirty.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 31 08:35:02 PST 1998

Doug Henwood:
>Barbara Ehrenreich used to have a very convincing rap that the usual left
>line about the desire to consume was horribly moralizing and austere and
>missed the pleasurable aspects of buying stuff. I'm not sure how far I'd go
>with this..

Speaking of Ehrenreich, I've been fairly critical of her in the past, especially her nutty thesis on the origins of warfare in fear of man-eating animals. But check out the latest Harpers for an absolutely riveting account of her taking minimum-wage jobs in Key West as a way of finding out how women might fare if they were pushed off welfare. It is not only makes you think about the real oppression of capitalism, almost in the mode of Engels' Conditions of the Working-Class in England, it is superbly written.

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