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Thu Dec 31 18:58:50 PST 1998

>But how would it be possible to eliminate
>vanguardism in creating a 'real socialist' economy (assuming we aren't
>considering Sweden, Denmark etc. are a valid alternative). I know a lot of
>activists who are totally vanguardist in their approach and don't
>comprehend when you offer criticism of this. A lot of socialists come from
>a successful academic background and don't really have a vision of a
>future where they wouldn't be in a big leadership position, guiding the
>less well-read. You can see this when leftist types say that the masses
>are just being satiated and misled by television and their religion, and
>sports. What if that is what the average person really wants? Then again,
>what is the opposite of having a vanguard - would that mean that
>leadership by motivated individuals is bad? I don't really have an answer
>for that myself.

Bingo CP! Who gets to be in charge and how can you get them to behave.

I was in management once and I must admit, though I was totally open and appreciative of my best people, I would not have wanted responsibility without authority.

Course I also got a lot of my best employees into management themselves, which turned out very negative for my career. But I'd have to play it that way again if the situation was repeated. The worst thing I can imagine is working in one of those situations where there are lots of managers, meaning responsibility, but no real power.

Abuse of power is the main problem to be dealt with, because no matter what system you have, someone is going to have a lot of power.


I'm glad someone brought up the Dishwasher guy cause really, a waitress is in a comparitively elite position, compared to the back of the house. That's why they're mostly white. I can't believe how hard some of the guys work, and how little they make. One thing I hate about not being in management is when I work with really excellent people, and I can't steal them for my own crew. What a waste.

Anyway, just yesterday I had a run-in with a church group at lunch. Gordon Liddy Christians I called them. Like six adults and 20 kids. Did not leave me a dime. Fortunately, I think the boss's wife mentioned to him over Christmas that he better quit being a mean ass-hole to me, cause for the first time in 30 years Charley tipped one of his own waitresses-me.

I could tell they were going to be bad, but I figured five bucks. I told Charley I was going to 15% them, but his wife came up and said they were going to put that on the new menu, and we shouldn't do it till then. This is also a shocking development, since he's refused to do this for years.

Get this. Every X-mas the boss has some orphans over for pizza. About thirty I think, I've never worked it. So he feeds the orphans, but not once has he ever tipped the waitress who comes in early to serve them.

Servers can get a lot of shit from the back of the house, partly maybe cause when things are hoppin' they make a lot of money. They forget the nights when the stupid Braves are playing, and you're sitting around making $2.50 an hour. Or they just hate women, in some places.

Well it looks like I'm just not going to go to Kennesaw for New Year's Eve.

Yes, I spend most holiday's in that great town where you are required to own a gun. It's the law. Hope nobody gets mad, but I'm just too cozy right here.

My new bed linen is sooooooo cool. Very calm....

And don't worry dudling, Martha is evil. It's not a guy thing. Who cares, I never can find a comforter I really like, and now I have.

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