The Butler did it; Newt does Social Security

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Thu Dec 31 21:19:03 PST 1998

>The older form of a fixed, but non-material
>or ideal scheme just appears more explicitly a form of domination and
>oppression because it is historically and culturally more
>familiar. That is, it appears to capture the legislative and
>prescriptive qualities of oppression more accurately, and has been
>argued with or resisted longer. I think I would go further and say
>people who claim a relativity for their value scheme, and therefore
>lay claim to a somehow less prescriptive and more democratic approach,
>are lying. In short, they are just as power crazy as the rest of us.

Like yaaaah. What he said.

>I think what is much more important to understand is that the reason
>we are having these debates on value, on the nature of value, is
>because we are dominated by a socio-economic system that processes and
>consumes us like raw material, like ore--worthless in small
>quantities. Naturally, we start asking ourselves, gee, what's the
>value of life? Well, the answer is obviously nothing except in bulk
>quantities. But this also explains, at least in my mind, why we are
>attracted to the idea of the masses, or wish to identify with some
>large, nebulous and socially constructed entity, like the masses.
>Chuck Grimes

Yes, but "WE" are in the minority. Masses-wise, I mean.

For many, it is this exact cheapening of life that drives people to crave exclusivity. What is hyper-status worship if not a need to feel better than all these others whose lives are meaningless?

It drives me nuts when the tv, rap music, corrupting-the-kids folks don't mention the blareing message that life is cheap and if you don't have a trophy lover and a lot of stuff, you don't exist.


Is it the yr of the Newt? Perhaps it's time to get busy.

Gingrich Outlines Future Plans Wednesday, December 30, 1998; 5:57 p.m. EST

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) -- Outgoing House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he plans to open a consulting firm in suburban Atlanta and stay out of politics for a while.

``For the next few years, I want to stay in private industry,'' Gingrich told the Marietta Daily Journal in Wednesday's editions.

Gingrich, who officially resigns from Congress on Jan. 4, has said before that he has no plans to run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2000.

Gingrich also declined an invitation to attend the New Hampshire Christian Coalition's primary season kickoff event Feb. 6. Some of the top GOP contenders plan to attend.

Gingrich has not ruled out eventually running for president or other office, but not until after 2000, saying ``that's a long time in the future.''

He told the newspaper that his company, Roswell-based Gingrich Enterprises, would lobby for technology and health issues and offer management advice to other companies.

In addition to his consulting, Gingrich plans to go on a speaking tour -- earning about $50,000 per appearance -- and work on a new political action committee, the Friends of Newt Gingrich Political Action Committee.

The goal of the group will be to pass legislation that will free up Social Security funds and allow individuals to invest their contributions into the open market, said Gingrich, who announced his resignation after Republicans lost five House seats in the November elections.

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