Tom Lehman uswa12 at lorainccc.edu
Thu Jul 2 13:47:03 PDT 1998

Dear Doug, One of my old high school pals is at last report traveling around the country with a flying holyperson---teaching the fine points of levitation. Hey, whatever it takes to pay the bills. I mean it beats bank robbery as a career path.

Nancy Dye, President of Oberlin College, is big on Tibet from all local reports I have gotten. If I ever get any reports that my old pal is levitating Finney Chapel or First Church; I'll let you know. It should be big news.

On a more serious note, there were a number of Oberlin educated missionaries who were massacred in China during the Boxer Rebellion and there is a memorial to them in Tappan Square. This may have somthing to do with Nancies interest in Tibet. I mean gosh them evil Chinese.

I have nothing but the highest regard for Oberlin educated clergypersons and the United Church of Christ of which many members of my family have been loosely associated with, but, as the Chinese laundryperson told my great-uncle Tom, "shitty on the shirt tail ten cents more." Sincerely, Tom

Doug Henwood wrote:

> I was at a party the other night populated mainly by amiable meatheads, and
> one of them started in on Clinton's comments that the Chinese and Tibetans
> should talk with each other, negotiations that would be premised on Tibetan
> recognition of Chinese authority over Tibet. "Tibet is not part of China!
> Free Tibet!!," he exhorted, in a departure for a conversation that was
> mainly about sports and bad movies. I was surprised to hear this fellow
> getting so exercised about any political issue, which made me wonder once
> again - what is it about Tibet and the Dalai Lama? Why are it and he such
> obsessions among otherwise nonpolitical types? And is he really the abused
> innocent that Richard Gere and Patti Smith would have us believe? Can
> anyone elighten me?
> Doug

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