Wenn ich Kultur hoere (was Re: Invention of the white race //Rakeshon eugenics)

Mark Jones Jones_M at netcomuk.co.uk
Fri Jul 3 10:10:36 PDT 1998

Marta Russell wrote:

> Oops, just sent this message by mistake. For some reason all of Charles
> Brown's messages run off my screen and to read them I have to go into
> "reply mail" format.

Never mind, if you hadn't sent it I wouldn't have noticed.

>>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> 05/31 12:51 PM >>>
> > Charles Brown wrote:
> >
> > >The evident crappiness of the latest racist pseudo-biology is an
> > >indication of the desparation and decadence of the bourgeoisie
> >
> > Decadence, maybe, but desperation? What is desperate about the bourgeoisie?
> > Everything is going their way. They've crushed their rival of 75 years,
> > socialism is near-dead as a political force, profits are high in the U.S.
> > (and getting better in Europe), and money is ruling just about all aspects
> > of social life. That doesn't sound desperate to me.

Doug, I don't know what is the point of this sentence-on-duty which you roll out whenever anyone hints that capitalism might have a problem or two. Maybe you think this is gritty realism, but from here it looks more like defeatism -- or the kind of self-absorption which only the US left seems capable of these days. Presumably when/if Wall St crashes, you will finally announce ex cathedra that, oh well, yes, the thing now has suffered major mechanical breakdown. For the two-thirds of humankind already ground under heel, however, such circumspection about facing an obvous historical reality must be deeply unimpressive.


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