Nike and the choices we don't have

Tom Condit tomcondit at
Fri Jul 3 20:58:27 PDT 1998

Like Maggie, I have feet which don't fit in the standard shoe company lasts. After Red Wing stopped making my size, I had a terrible time. For "tennies", until recently, I wore Sauconys, which *were* made in the USA, but are now made (surprise) in China. I've switched to Romikas, which are (a) expensive and (b) don't quite fit, but are better than any of the major brands and are made in Hungary, where workers have *some* rights. My general policy is to avoid buying things made in countries where workers don't have at least some formal right to have independent unions, no matter how hard it may be to exercise. That may strike Carroll as moralistic, but we all have to live with ourselves as well as participate in politics, and it's always easy to find an excuse for taking advantage of someone else. If it's illegal to have a union, then I assume that the union which would exist has called a boycott.


At 10:07 PM 7/3/1998 EDT, MScoleman at wrote:
>New Balance is made in the usa, so are Munro shoes (Arkansas) which currently
>only have women's but are going to begin making men's shoes this fall. I wear
>both because I have awful, hard to fit feet. maggie coleman mscoleman at

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