The Right vs Free Trade

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jul 5 21:23:28 PDT 1998

. The
>transnational corporation has no home. It is an amoral
>institution that exists to maximize profits, executive
>compensation and stock dividends. If the bottom line
>commands the cashiering of loyal workers after years
>of service, it will be done with the same ruthless
>efficiency with which obsolete equipment is junked."

Well, with all the reports about real investment being supplanted by capital centralization through equity instruments, Barnet should have been emphasized that workers may soon get junked more ruthlessly than obsolete equipment--which is seems to get bought up and held in reserve and/or retrofitted. But I always get tied up on that thorny question of the economics of scrapping of fixed capital I am sure someone out there has worked through Preobrazhensky, Makoto Itoh, Alberro and Persky, James Galbraith and other relevant sources.

best, rakesh

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