Alabama and Tibet

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Mon Jul 6 20:21:44 PDT 1998

A couple of years ago Telos held a conference in Chico. What happened to Telos?

One of their speakers argued that Alabama had a different culture than the North and that the South should be alowed to suceed from the U.S.

The Black Muslims also talked of sucession. Stalin created a Jewish state -- sort of. The difference between E. Timor and Tibet is that E. Timor was an independent state. Tibet was not. Even Taiwan agrees on that point.

Northern Californa politicians have seriously [well, are they ever serious?] proposed dividing the state into 3 different states.

What about Puerto Rico, and as Lewis reminds us, all of the indigenous peoples?

The Kurds probably have a better case than the Tibetans. In the U.S., we only support the "good" Kurds, while we arm the Turks to harm the bad Kurds.

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