Dems: the stox party

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Tue Jul 7 06:47:28 PDT 1998

> The San Francisco Fed's June 19 Economic Letter
> <> compares
> U.S. stock returns during Republican and Democratic administrations, and
> finds the Dems have the edge. Though they say the differences aren't
> statistically significant, they are visually so, whether you start the

Not "statistically significant," but "visually significant"?? What superior methodology is at work here?

> clock in 1871, 1926, or 1945. Also, the Rep's have the worst single
> administration, Hoover's, and the Dems the best, Roosevelt's first.
> Clinton's also one of the top performers.

This would follow if the Repubs consistently threw the economy and stock market into recession and voters turned to Dems in response, with the latter having the luck to preside over recovery, even if neither party had the slightest thing to do with recovery.
> Remind me, which is the party of capital?

The party with the capital is a good indicator of the party of capital. Clinton's fundraising prowess notwithstanding, in the grand scheme of things one party wages electoral contests with dollars and the other with people.


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