[PEN-L:108] fascist roots of EU

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Tue Jul 7 07:06:37 PDT 1998

> Dear Mr. Rosser and Max,
> Did you now that 2.3 million Americans claim they have been abducted by
> space aliens. Have you seen any stats on the percentage of Russians or
> other Slavish persons who claim to have been abducted by space aliens.
> I think I'll email Joe Bob Briggs and see what he knows about this; is
> slavophobia a learned or inherited behavior?
> In the pursuit of science,
> Thomas Lehman

Yo Tom,

all I said was four words ('has this been documented'). Go flame Barkley. It will take his mind off chaos theory. Wherefore 'slavophobia,' seeing as how I dig polka music and consume more than my share of kielbasa and pierogi?

I wonder what the MR old-timers think of HD White being a Soviet agent.

Looking forward to alien abduction,


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