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Enrique Diaz-Alvarez enrique at anise.ee.cornell.edu
Tue Jul 7 07:26:04 PDT 1998

Brad De Long wrote:
> By and large the regions were General Secretaries ruled were determined by
> where the armies stopped. There were places (South Korea, Thailand, Greece,
> West Germany, Finland) that looked, as far as social structure and
> industrial development at the start of this century are concerned, very
> much like their counterparts just within the lands of the General
> Secretaries (North Korea, Cambodia, Bulgaria, East Germany, Leningrad). Yet
> no matter which set of social indicators we look at, the lands of the
> General Secretaries appear to come off badly in terms of material
> prosperity (perhaps a quarter or an eighth as productive as their
> beyond-the-iron-curtain neighbors?) and space for political discussion...

Cuba would be the one glaring exception to this general rule, in both counts. Any thoughts on what sets apoart the Cuban Secretary Generals from their counterparts? It seems to me that it makes a big difference wether the S. G. get to power through a homegrown revolution or riding on top of Red Army tanks.

> Brad De Long

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