Union policy and the press

Berger, Jordan jberger at opseu.org
Tue Jul 7 09:19:42 PDT 1998

> Michael Eisenscher wrote:
> >Mine, Mill is perhaps best remembered as the union featured in "Salt
> of the
> >Earth."


Doug Henwood wrote:

> Local 598 is the only remaining shred of Mine Mill; it represents the
> miners who work for Falconbridge; the other big miner in town, Inco,
> is
> organized by the Steelworkers. 598 was recently re-admitted to the
> Canadian
> Labour Congress. It's pretty weakened now, but they still have a Joe
> Hill
> hall, and were able to bring Falconbridge to its knees last year with
> a
> 3-week strike. When I asked the local president how come the company
> didn't
> take the American route & hire scabs, he said they wouldn't dare,
> there'd
> have been bloodshed.
> Doug

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