UAW convention

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Jul 8 08:09:13 PDT 1998

Michael Eisenscher wrote:

>["....The American electorate seemed puzzled why a system deemed to be
>superior to any other in the world would continue to produce such blatant
>corruption, inequality, scandal, malfeasance, racism, sexism, consumer debt,
>homelessness....but they indicated their general confidence in the direction
>the country was taking by reelecting Bill Clinton, the leadership of
>Congress, and virtually any other incumbent whose palms had been properly
>greased and who had provided value in return during their previous
>term...."] Now there's incisive, critical journalism at its best,
>reflecting a deep understanding of how labor institutions operate, how union
>leadership perpetuates its reign, and how democracy works on the floor of
>the UAW convention! With reportage like this, who needs the Wall St.
>Journal? Well, at least I still have my subscription to LBO!

Do you have a point here?


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