Wall Street cyberseminar

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Wed Jul 8 13:02:42 PDT 1998

[apologies if this looks too self-promotional; modesty forced me to excise the blurbs]


with Doug Henwood

The seminar consists of the web site

http://csf.colorado.edu/sustainable-economics/wall_street plus a moderated listserv or forum in which the public is invited to participate in conversation with the author (instructions below).

The seminar with Doug Henwood is for one week: July 29-Aug 5,1998.

With the impressive growth in the value of stocks on Wall Street, and the Asian financial crisis, the stock market has caught the imagination of seemingly everyone. Doug Henwood's critique of the inner workings of Wall Street has received much acclaim in progressive circles. This seminar coincides with the paperback release of Wall_Street, following a successful sales of a hardbound edition.

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To participate in the moderated version of the seminar or to listen, please send the request

subscribe sustainable-economics Yourfirstname Yourlastname To: LISTSERV at csf.colorado.edu

All email distributed through this listserv will be moderated and the discussion will last for one week, July 29-August 5.

The seminar is open for subscriptions now but no mail will be distributed until Wednesday, July 29.

CSF withholds all subscribers' email addresses for all forums
>from any possible commercial uses.

If you wish to participate in the un-moderated version of the seminar, SE-Cafe, rather than the moderated version please send the request

subscribe SE-cafe Yourfirstname Yourlastname To: LISTSERV at csf.colorado.edu

You may purchase a copy of the book via our website at:


If you have QUESTIONS about the Seminar, please write

Anand.Narayan at csf.colorado.edu or Don.Roper at csf.colorado.edu

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