Alabama and Tibet (?)

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Wed Jul 8 14:17:41 PDT 1998

I wrote:

Should not Ideology, after all, be used effectively
>as an organizing principle among people who desire collective unity and
>who see in it a tactic towards "actual transformation of our social
>relations"? And can't commodities, like books filled with ideological
>signs, be a part of this tactic?

Boy, when I wrote it I didn't intend this to sound that reified, preciously obtuse, laughably lame and presumptuous (I must be rich with adjectives to hedge my bets). Such are the awkward fits and starts of the beginner.

I guess my overarching question is, how is becoming more non-ideological problematized by the ideological routes one must take. Is it a dialectical process? Is the crux in the fact that "ideology is not reducible to fetishism"?

Hoping I'm not too far off track


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