The World Accroding to Robert Merton

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Jul 9 07:58:40 PDT 1998

JayHecht at wrote:

>How is this going to work? Is it like this chat group, or a little more "real

It's a mailing list, like any mailing list. You subscribe, read, type, delete, chortle, weep, reach for the air sickness bag....

Merton says:

>"Further improved technology, together with growing breadth and experience in
>the application of derivatives, should continue to reduce transaction costs as
>both users and producers of derivatives move along the learning curve. Like
>retail depositers with automatic-teller machines in banks, initial resistance
>by INSTITUIONAL CLIENTS to contractural agreements can be high, but once
>customers use them they tend not to return to the traditional alternatives for
>implementing financial strategies (my emphasis)."
>I see now, I'm going to have 20% of my paycheck deposited to an exotically
>hedged options account that will guarantee me a 40% return. Hmm, so what if I
>can't "kick the tires," I'm obviuosly a financial waif.

Now Jason, I don't see anything about guaranteed 40% returns here. As any student of market efficiency knows, the moment you guarantee a 40% return, the actual return will approch 0%.


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