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Thu Jul 9 09:34:24 PDT 1998

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Aaron wrote:

> Wojtek,
> Doug forgot that not everybody who reads English is acculturated to
> a U.S. sense of humor. Doug was clearly being sarcastic about the
> importance of the trivial item he was reporting. He probably felt a bit
> embarrassed about sending it to the list at all, and thus made a joke
> of it. That way, he gets to have his cake and eat it too, as we say.
> - Comradely,
> - Aaron

Actually, Doug might hope that the New Yorker might again become a periodical worth reading. They did, at one time, do lengthy and well thought out (even if wrong) pieces about things worth reading about. This has not been the way media darling Tina has run the magazine -- she basically turned it into Vanity Fair with the same typeface the New Yorker has always used. I don't hold much hope for any great restoration, but it wasn't going to happen under Ms. Brown's watch, that's for sure.

(This is slightly off-topic, but did anybody notice the article in Lingua Franca about Eric Swenson? No, I'm not talking about his WHAM! (that is passe; LF just got around to it), I'm talking about his executive level position at what was described as a "major international media company". This is how pomo can be liberating!!)

I take back the off-topic comment -- this *is* the topic. What is subversive?



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