Fwd: American Ultra-Right Wingers in Toronto Friday (fwd)

C. Petersen ottilie at u.washington.edu
Thu Jul 9 13:52:47 PDT 1998

> to do so. Most of the Americans appeared to be from Wisconsin,
> (according to their license plates) and wore T-shirts that said "US
> Taxpayers Party" and had bumper stickers on their cars that read
> "Principles over politics". This is a group that has advocated arming
> children and justifies killing doctors who perform abortions. According to
> this week's NOW magazine they are on an Ontario tour designed to promote
> their cause and their group.

In my state, the taxpayer's party is called the American heritage party. In Washington, there is one super safe democratic house seat, and two pretty safe republican seats, and the rest are really easily influenced by the whims of swing voters. This year it's cool because the Heritage party is running candidates who seem to be having a fair amount of support, and it's pretty clear that the republicans are going to lose. And progressives could never get it together to do the same maneuver, so we will have more democrats! :)

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