Soviet agents (was "fascist roots of EU")

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Thu Jul 9 20:19:05 PDT 1998

Dear Mr. Rosser, Somehow the logic of connecting British Intelligence agents who were also Soviet Intelligence agents to an American Assistant Secretary of the Treasury escapes me. Which role were they playing at the time? British? Soviet?

The Venona cables are available for viewing on the NSA website---take a look and make your own judgement. For a few laughs, look at gif 2 under the heading of unidentified KGB agents, what appears to be the name Cordell Hull with an arrow pointing to a matrix of numbers is in this gif. Cordell Hull a Soviet agent? That sort of substantiates allegations that Cordell Hull was the real target of the witch-hunt. Not HD White. Not Alger Hiss.

Getting back to the personality of HD White, the only anecdotal description of White that I can recall portrayed him as a prankster, joker, a shriner(is this a fact anyone).

Take a look at the Venona stuff yourself, are you looking at partially decoded" barbershop bullshit" or maliciously and purposely planted disinformation on some real American heroes.

Honi soit qui mal y ponce, Thomas Lehman

Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:

> I find it amusing that my ironic aside on HD White has
> engendered such responses. Well:
> 1) There was a Cold War between the US (with UK) and
> the USSR. Both had high-level spies and agents working for
> them in the others' hierarchies. Some got caught, some
> didn't (HD White didn't).
> 2) Some were idealistic and noble (some of the
> Cambridge spies), some were venal scum (Aldrich Ames). (A
> venal scum on the US side, although praised when he first
> surfaced and made money on his memoirs was Arkady
> Shevchenko, at least as obnoxious as HD White).
> 3) I think what is bothering people here is a
> leftover reaction from the Cold War days and the unpleasant
> memory of McCarthyism and its successful attacks on the US
> left. I see at least three elements here, not all
> necessary consistent with each other: a) fear that
> "innocents" were being attacked, 2) fear that an effective
> strong left was being destroyed because real agents and
> communists were being exposed and disabled, 3) fear that a
> broader liberal/left was being deeply weakened. All these
> were true. But with the Cold War over, I think we should
> recognize that there were agents on all sides, some acting
> nobly, some not so; some nice people, some jerks. I don't
> think that this should be a big deal at this point, even if
> one might debate just who was or was not an agent.
> 4) As for HD White, it is in "KGB: The Inside
> Story," and confirmed to me by other very knowledgeable
> sources (no, Tom L., I have not been abducted by aliens,
> but my wife did once work with Donald McLean in Moscow), HD
> White was a conscious agent and also obnoxious and rude,
> hated by his subordinates. He had a controller and took
> orders. His major function was to report on inside
> policy-making and high-level viewpoints, which he did very
> effectively, and as noted above, was never caught, unlike
> some very unfortunate others on both sides.
> Barkley Rosser
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> Rosser Jr, John Barkley
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