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<< I had a long chat with a guy who does union education, mainly for auto and

steel, last night. He painted a picture of a very happy workforce, with

25-year-olds pulling down $75k and senior skilled crafts guys (they are

almost all guys, aren't they?) making over $100k. This would make the Flint

strikers look pretty anomalous. >>

there was an article in the business section of the times earlier this week (monday?) and they described a worker, supposedly typical, making $19 an hour. Even with outrageous overtime rates, making $19 an hour it would almost be impossible to make the incomes you are describing unless the person worked 80 hours a week or more. i think that most people thrown out of work by the strike do not make this kind of money. and even if they did, i still fail to see the point of throwing dollar amounts around without discussing costs of living, layoffs, injuries, taxation, productivity and all the other comparative issues so dear to any economist's heart.

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