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>BTW I have always wondered whether there has been an adequate study of the
>impact of TQM, Just un Time and other management techniques by labor
>organizers. Except for the tired rant against _anything_ proposed by
>management, has there been a serious study of these methods and how the labor
>movement can use them to improve their understanding of what will best serve
>the interests of the workers.
>chuck miller

Eileen Appelbaum & Rosemary Batt, *The New American Workplace*, ILR Press 1994

Raymond Hogler & Guillermo Grenier, *Employee Participation and Labor Law in the American Workplace*, Quorum Books 1992

William N. Cooke, * Labor-Management Cooperation*, W.E. Upjohn Institute 1990

Thomas Kochan, Harry Katz, and Nancy Mower, *Worker Participation and American Unions, Threat or Opportunity?*, Upjohn Institute 1984

Lowell Turner, *Democracy At Work*, Cornell Univ. Press 1991

Richard B. Freeman (ed.), *Working Under Different Rules*, Russel Sage 1994

David I. Levine, *Reinventing the Workplace*, Brookings 1995

Glenn Perusek, "Leadership and Opposition in the United Automobile Workers" in *Trade Union Politics* edited by Glenn Perusek and Kent Worcester, Humanities Press 1995.

Appelbaum and Batt provide a survey of studies.

There's more (including Slaughter and Parker's critiques).

Michael E.

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