Raise the living standards of poor people

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For a thrilling treatment touching the subject of Military Keynesianism see "War & Waste," in LBO sixty-something or thereabouts. Henwood keeps saying he'll post it to the LBO web site but he never does.

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Dear Tom Lehman, Thank you for your helpful discussion of trade union direct elections in the USWA. It seems to me that your ideas about democracy in workers' organizations is excellent However, I wonder if you would answer my questions a little more directly, if you please. What is MILITARY KEYNESIANISM.? I am not familiar with this terminology in your message, and I would like to understand what you are saying. Again thank you.

Sincerely, Ju-chang He

Tom Lehman wrote:
> Dear Chang,
> Free and independent labor unions are essential to raising the living
standards of the
> poor. American President Franklin Roosevelt put it best when he said,
there can be no
> modern industrial democracy without a free and independent labor
movement. We can think
> all of the beautiful thoughts we want---without organized labor unions
the poor have no
> powerful advocates.
> You may have noticed on this list and others, discussions of union
democracy. In my union
> the United Steelworkers of America we elect our local leaders, our
district leader and our
> international leaders by direct secret ballot. So you get what you vote
for. The USWA
> also has an international constitution & bylaws and local bylaws that are
principles and
> laws that govern our organization. We also have an international
election manual and a
> local election manual that govern the conduct of our union's elections.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Lehman

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