Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Jul 10 17:57:39 PDT 1998

Peter Kilander writes:
> I don't think having been a Soviet agent is anything to brag about,
> obviously.[SNIP]

I would put it a bit more softly. The "obviously" is obviously wrong. As even many of the non-Stalinists on these lists acknowledge, the fall of the Soviet Union was a disaster for us all, while the U.S. imperium of the last 50 years is an even greater disaster for us all. And while I think "open agent" is politically wiser -- certainly that was what many of us declared ourselves quite loudly in respect to Vietnam in the 60s, and one finds nothing dishonorable in the case of a German in the 1930s-40s being an agent for either the S.U. or the Western allies. Why be harder on U.S. or British "traitors" than on German "traitors." And most defectors from both "socialist" and socialist states were considerably lower on the ladder of contempt.


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