Overtime (was Re: happy autoworkers)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Fri Jul 10 20:12:14 PDT 1998

Maggie Coleman wrote:
>there was an article in the business section of the times earlier this week
>(monday?) and they described a worker, supposedly typical, making $19 an hour.
>Even with outrageous overtime rates, making $19 an hour it would almost be
>impossible to make the incomes you are describing unless the person worked 80
>hours a week or more.

And Michale Perelman wrote: <<The Wall Street Journal had a story, maybe a year ago, about a worker who did just that, but I think that it was more than 80 hours.>>

Can anyone working 80 hours or more per week possibly be 'happy'? It looks more like a sign of desperation--work as much as possible while you can because jobs may disappear in the near future. How can we put the question of free time back on the agenda of the labor movement?


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