Michael Manley

hoov hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Fri Jul 10 20:10:57 PDT 1998

> Manley was elected at just the moment that the world economy was about to
> deliver an absolutely devastating blow to Jamaica's capacity to import--and
> to Jamaican standards of living...
> Brad DeLong

Jamaica was - and probobaly still is - importing about 85% of its produced goods, fuels, food, machinery, and transportation equipment...

Manley was re-elected prime minister again in 1989 as a defender of market relations...the PNP government pursued neo-liberal currency, importation, and privatization policies...in addition to asserting that "Adam Smith was right," Manley argued that few options to market-oriented policies existed in the wake of the "defeat of socialism"...Michael Hoover

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