Overtime (was Re: happy autoworkers)

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Fri Jul 10 23:51:27 PDT 1998

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>"[N]o, people who work 80 hours a week have no life," but they can sure
>become resentful (whether their 80 hours earns them $100,000 or nearer
>$10,000 a year) of anyone who is paraded before them as not being
>"responsible." This pervasive overwork (at varying rates of compensation)
>must be one of the material bases of succumbing to contempt/hatred/etc of
>unruly teenagers, teenage mothers, convicts living in luxury (!),
>pedophiles, arrogant women, blacks, drug dealers, immigrants, everyone who
>can be prsented as not responsible as they are. I'm not praising sexual
>abuse of children -- too many of my friends in DMDSG were damaged by it,
>but I am noting that it is interesting that it is when hours of work are
>increasing while for most income is just holding its own so many new
>horrors ("individual" criminals) are discovered each month.
>Maggie Coleman writes:
>> In a message dated 98-07-10 22:26:45 EDT, you write:
>> << Can anyone working 80 hours or more per week possibly be 'happy'? It looks
>> more like a sign of desperation--work as much as possible while you can
>> because jobs may disappear in the near future. How can we put the question
>> of free time back on the agenda of the labor movement?
>> Yoshie >>
>> 1. no, people who work 80 hours a week have no life.
>> 2. this 80 hour a week business becomes part of the trap of
>> capitalism/consumerism. Buy a house, have a couple of kids, insist your wife
>> not work, and you end up with two jobs or one job with mega amounts of
>> overtime, and you never get to see said house-wife-kids. When the
contract is
>> up and you go out on strike, you are in deep shit. This is why I think
we all
>> need to look beyond the $25-30-19-50 an hour and look at the actual
>> exploitation taking place. The dollar amounts indicate priviledge, the
>> reality is less attractive. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

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