happy autoworkers- Not so at Saturn

SsarahT at aol.com SsarahT at aol.com
Sat Jul 11 11:07:57 PDT 1998

I think Chuck asked if the conditions are so bad at Saturn, why aren't workers rejecting the TQM model.

There was a vote, you're probably aware of, last February or so of workers to decide to stay with the TQM or to revert to the traditional UAW way of doing things. The vote came down about 2/3rds, I think, for the TQM.

Why? There was a vicious campaign waged by both mgmt and the union leadership together against the dissidents who advocating rejecting TQM. The very well financed propaganda, slick manipulation and outright intimidation resulted in the intended effect.

--- Sarah Luthens <ssaraht at aol.com>

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