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Sun Jul 12 00:08:56 PDT 1998

Union Density by Profession - 1995

Physicians 5.8% Medical Scientists 6.1% Computer System Analysts/Scientists 2.6% Architects 5.6% Aerospace Engineers 9.4% Chemical Engineers 4.1% Civil Engineers 13.8% Electrical Engineers 5.9% Mechanical Engineers 5.4% Economists 2.9% Sociologists/Social Scientists 11.5% Social Workers 26.6% Lawyers 6.3% Judges 7.2% Public Relations Specialists 7.2%

Just in case you were curious.

Michael E.

At 05:08 PM 7/11/98 -0400, Enrique Diaz-Alvarez wrote:
>Dennis R Redmond wrote:
>> The European unions show that you can indeed organize engineers,
>> scientists, doctors, and professionals of all kinds; why not do the same
>> in the US?
>They do. Professionals of all kinds have their trade associations in the
>US: AMA, Bar associations, etc. With the conspicuous exception of
>engineers, they are at least as strong as their European counterparts. I
>am still unconvinced that their interests overlap significantly with
>those of working class unions. In fact, to the extent that their main
>purpose is protecting and expanding upper-middle class incomes, they may
>have opposite interests. European professional associations rarely, if
>ever, coordinate their action in any meaningful way with working class
>> -- Dennis

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