Overtime (was Re: happy autoworkers)

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Sun Jul 12 09:13:53 PDT 1998

In a message dated 98-07-11 13:39:50 EDT, C. Petersen writes about microsoft:

<< When people first come in, they work hard

to prove themselves, and then the management takes that level of

productivity as the employee's baseline, and constantly tries to get them

to reach higher goals in succeeding months. They set deadlines and when

they approach, they get their workers to bring in cots to sleep on so they

never go home, and they work about 15 hours a day. >>

yeah, it's pretty universal in corporations, no matter how they soft soap it, the more you work the more they expect. About a million years ago, when i was a brand new eeoc hire in ATT (about 6 months on the job), I ignored advice from my shop steward on how much work to crank out on overtime. I produced double the bogey one night, and then the second night ran into all kinds of snags and barely made the bogey. The next morning, my foreman read me the riot act and tried to suspend me for a week without pay because he said if I had produced double on the first night, I should have produced double on the second night. Fortunately said shop steward stepped in and saved my butt. (He was a card carrying member of the John Birch society and defended me because he didn't want all these women and minorities -- who he universally referred to as "lesser elements" -- to be used as an excuse by management to eliminate all the hard won gains of the union MAN. He eventually trained me as a shop steward because he needed a "lesser element" to talk to all those other lesser elements.........) maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

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