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Hello everyone,

X writes Saturday 11 July 98: "And those of my friends who are so puzzled at my objections to the pseudo-science of psychology should spend time pondering the forces (cultural, economic, philosophical) which have led continue to lead to the fatuity of "It is their identity."

Doyle The above quote is about X's distaste for psychology, but refers to someone else's comment about an 80 hour work week is just ok if someone wants to work it. I agree with X that 80 hour weeks are compelled upon folks, partly to maintain standards of living, and for other reasons, and would be gone tomorrow if people had other options. However, X confuses ideological statements such as the cover of a State Farm atlas with psychology. I'm not sure that there is any clarity to X hating psychology, but I want to make this further point; X has the right to rant about psychology. In addition X often makes the point that X has depression. That is in my opinion very good to acknowledge in the public to erode the anti-psychology biases within our culture. Such biases are directed toward disabling conditions to blame people morally for whatever disability they have. There is a relationship in my opinion between how we are compelled to work 80 hours to maintain a decent living standard for our family or community relationships, and the consequences of overwork or stress causing work that disables. Or whether or not caused by work, that a disablity is an excuse to lay off people when they aren't profitable anymore. regards, Doyle Saylor

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