American "racial" demographics

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You all may remember that Jimmy Carter's developmentally challenged mother was wandering around India during his presidency, sterilizing people without their knowledge or consent, and in other cases, paying them for the privilege. Back at home, Jimmy (whose home is about five miles from Andersonville---site of the first war crimes conviction) was doing all he could to pray away the lust that was roaring up from his heart (or wherever) r

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>As I recall, a doctor name Pincus did a great deal of sterilzation in Peru
-- I
>think that Ramparts may have written it up in the 1960s. I also recall a
>similar concern raised in Puerto Rico.
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Life travels upward in spirals.

Those who take pains to search the shadows

of the past below us, then, can better judge the

tiny arc up which they climb,

more surely guess the dim

curves of the future above them.

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