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Tue Jul 14 08:43:54 PDT 1998

Doug writes: Child labor is certainly an important issue, but it's one of those things that the UAW can take a strong stand on without any serious consequences. Who, aside maybe from Paul Krugman, is *for* child labor? But apparently the UAW thinks the issue is three or four times more important than a strike for their life in Flint.

What's a member to think?>>>

It's not really the job of a member to think under this version of democracy. It is similar to the role of a citizen in the larger U.S. democratic system. Members and citizens are to be informed, which is different than thinking. The difference being that in being informed you don't question anything, or criticize.

The information age is something like the fix of the Ancient Mariner. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Information, information everywhere, but not drop of thought.

Charles Brown

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