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Tue Jul 14 13:35:43 PDT 1998

Among other things, Maggie Coleman wrote of the general tendency of the AFL- CIO not to address working women's issues and its failure to organize clerical workers.

My limited experience in the Seattle area is a bit different. District 925/SEIU recently landed a grant of something like $400,000 to conduct a city- wide organizing drive of child-care workers here. It's a dynamic campaign. AFL-CIO vice president Rich Trumka came here spoke at a highly publicized child-care rally on 5/1/98 (to my delight he even mentioned gay & lesbian workers in a favorable way... at a child-care rally!).

At least four unions here have high density of clerical workers-- d925/SEIU, OPEIU 8, IFPTE 17, and AFSCME.

--- Sarah Luthens <ssaraht at aol.com>

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