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Dear Dr. Rosser, It is not my intention to lower the intellectual standards of debate; only to exchange some practical information about business.

On the subject of the former Soviet Union. It's too bad that things turned out the way they did for the Slavish and other peoples of the old Russian Empire. They made a bold step into the future and fell, in slow motion, into a deep hole. If one looks at the French Revolution, aside from getting rid of the monarch(temporarily), the French made little progress toward their stated goals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity until the 1870's. Our own American revolution is an ongoing thing; fought out over constitutional issues---often literally.

On the subject of class analysis; I tend to see things more in terms of income strata and self-interest. Philip Murray, the founding president of the United Steelworkers of America, is often quoted as saying, " in America their are no classes." From what I know, what Phil was trying to get across to the coal miners and steelworkers of my hometown was that they were not some inferior caste! That they should and could take action in their own behalf. Courage. i.e. our NAFTA lawsuit.

Regarding the "Small Business Offer...", Dr. Thomas Frank and or Dave Mulcahey editors of the Baffler, mentioned Doug's article to me in late summer or early fall of 1997. I was pleased to see the complimentary research from the Economic Policy Institute. If you read Doug's stuff you will notice that in the past, some big names in economics have used Doug's stuff and not given him any credit.

On the Franklin Planner inquiry. Franklin Planner systems start at around $90.00 dollars each. The least expensive binders are now foreign made. The printing is American, but, non-union. I am looking for an American made, Union Made planning system that could be used to replace the Franklin-Covey system. I think that someone could design a similar planner, American Made, Union Made to wholesale for $50.00 dollars with frills and still make a nice profit.

Sincerely, Tom Lehman

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> Do you all suppose that if Tom Lehman were abducted by
> space aliens we would not have to put up with his spamming
> this list with his various business dealings?
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