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>From a different angle and composition-

There's an interesting abstract entitled "Health of Children Adopted
>From the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe" on the Journal of the
American Medical Association's web-site <>. The abstract is dated September 17, 1997.

The scope of the study is quite puny (56 children), but the results include, "multiple unfamiliar neurologic diagnoses" per medical records from the birth countries [although an editor's note at the end of the abstract states "multiple unfamiliar neurologic diagnoses mentioned in the medical records were not confirmed"]; and frequent "growth" and "developmental delays" of various kinds. And the editor's note concludes "whether recovery from these medical problems and developmental delays will occur with intervention is yet to be determined." (Check the site for specifics in technical languange).

The American Medical Association's medical gaze doesn't seem to converge with those of the birth countries. The upshot of this, admittedly very small-scale, possibly myopic study, is there's "substantial" and "severe" neurologic crisis. I wonder if the last nine months have proved productive in routes of treatment and recovery?


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