Russian demographics

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jul 15 10:52:40 PDT 1998

>alec ramsdell wrote:
>>And she notes: "Now, the IMF just gave Russia $22 billion. . . .
>>Everyone's ecstatic . . . the government is patting itself on the back,
>>and now life can go on as it was pre-crisis."
>And the kleptocrats' foreign bank accounts will probably swell by at least
>$11 billion.

Nahh. Only $3 billion at most...

>Stephen Shenfield of Brown U's Watson Center has a very convincing paper
>listing 8 reasons why Russia is bound to get worse. When I interviewed him
>last week, he said he'd added a 9th - the government is planning to boost
>the taxes on people's private plots.

Oh f***, oh f***, oh f***...

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