Health of Children Adopted . . .

Marta Russell ap888 at
Wed Jul 15 07:54:06 PDT 1998

I just felt compelled to add this:

On a TNT broadcast monday night, Monday NITRO wrestling, watched by many millions (believe it or not, it's TNT's most watched show), the wrestler Hollywood Hogan proclaimed, and I quote, "The only thing I hate worse than cowards are cripples."

Geez we wouldn't want to adopt a cripple now would we?

Marta Russell

alec ramsdell wrote:
> I just felt compelled to add to my previous post these phrenological
> details:
> "growth delays . . . [in] . . . height . . . and head circumference."
> "Children had 1 month of linear growth lag for every 5 months in an
> orphanage."
> At the risk of "reading too much into it": talk about politically,
> ideologically, economically fraught. All those prospective adopters
> better shop around. And steer clear of East Orphans.
> -Alec
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