Japan and American 'Democracy'

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Thu Jul 16 14:28:50 PDT 1998

> I am arguing that the American Empire cannot be simply equated to its
> Fascist competitors
> -- Dennis

assisting and protecting fascists doesn't necessarily mean equated to...

from Michael Parenti's _Blackshirts & Reds_:

"After World War II, the Western capitalist allies did little to eradicate fascism from Italy or Germany, except for putting some of the top leaders on trial at Nuremberg. By 1947, German conservatives began to depict the Nuremberg prosecutors as dupes of the Jews and communists. In Italy, the strong partisan movement that had waged armed struggle against fascism was soon treated as suspect and unpatriotic. Within a year after the war, almost all Italian fascists were released from prison while hundreds of communists and other leftist partisans who had been fighting the Nazi occupation were jailed. History was turned on its head, transforming the Blackshirts into victims and the Reds into criminals. Allied authorities assisted in these measures.

Under the protection of U.S. occupation authorities, the police, courts, military, security agencies, and bureaucracy remained largely staffed by those who had served the former fascist regimes or by their ideological recruits ..." (p. 18)

Michael Hoover

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