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Thu Jul 16 16:48:25 PDT 1998

>Ah yes, it makes me nostalgic for Ye Olde Panopticon. I remember, back
>in the days, when they were contstructing one in my friend's
>neighborhood. We used to ride our dirt bikes all around the
>construction site, popping wheelies, wiping out (sometimes we'd hide
>behind a tree and sneak a cigarette). Then one day some white men in
>suits (I remember it vividly--they had white hair too) caught my friend
>looking around a little too closely, I guess, and, well, you know the
>rest of the story.

I didn't want this to slip by on such a multi-valent note.

This web-site, and the future of the "War on Drugs", is simply terrifying.

McCaffery the benevolent gaurdian-patrician of Latina youth? It's such a cunning ruse how they say they're doing it for the children. The children who will grow up one day to be old enough to be constructed as criminals and addicts.

The white house drug policy web site shows some of what goes in to building an addict identity, how criminals and addicts are produced as neurological mutants, and the future that's in store for them (police brutality, prison, neurological re-wiring, and while we're at it let's throw in surveillance devices implanted in the back of the neck).

I do think the metaphor of the panopticon is most appropriate here, with all the implications of surveillance, battle, racial purity, "purity of bodily fluids", distribution, classification, control of bodies. I wonder, are tobacco smokers neurological mutants?

It's cunning, too, how the dissemination of surveillance is used. That way much more than the "drug problem" can be monitored and maintained.

Drug illegality is useful in so many ways to maintaining dominant legal institutions.


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