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Sun Jul 19 09:15:54 PDT 1998

Carrol Cox:
> ...
> Marxism can negate some positions as to what socialism can or will be
> (utopian socialism, socialism achieved by electoral means, socialism
> depending on an absolute majority of people before it can come into
> existence, etc.) It cannot give us a blueprint for socialism -- or even
> predict that socialism will arive before capitalism has destroyed the
> liveability of the earth.
> ...

Clearly, freedom can't be determined by law; I wasn't thinking of the successful outcome of the struggle for freedom but the struggle itself, which I would think would be susceptible to some kind of scientific investigation. Subversive economies and cultures may not be glamorous (or may be too glamorous) but I don't think they should be ignored -- especially in the long interval while we're waiting for the next upheaval.

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