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Dear Mr. Gregory, You may want to take a look at Norman Frumkin's, Tracking America's Economy, 3rd edition, particularly Chapter 6 and the chart on p.159. I don't know anything about Frumkin, but, his stuff makes sense. He has also written a book on economic indicators that I liked. Possibly, someone on this list knows or has met Mr. Frumkin and could give some more details. Sincerely, Tom

christian a. gregory wrote:

> howdee,
> i'm trying to find a good way to explain the u.s. experience of stagflation
> in the early 70's. from what i can gather, it was in part the effect of
> nixon's attempts to protect productive capital in '71, when he let the
> currency float and instituted tarriffs on imports and did the wage and price
> freeze thing. but the move backfired, because, even though the currency
> devalued some, (w. germany, i know, let their currency float up with the $),
> the export-economy didn't do as it was told.
> yes? no? sort of?
> thanks for your help, in advance
> christian

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