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Is there any research that examines or posits a minimum (for social stability) long-term productivity growth rate? I have problems believing the 1% rate used by the SSA, especially since a 2% rate may aleviate most, if not all, of the shortfall problem. Also, it seems that a significant proportion (perhaps 30%) of the hypothesized 1% growth rate would be eaten up by changes in the age composition of the US population.

Does anyone know of anyone doing work in this area?


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Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers,

The great liberal hope sort of shot himself in the foot in the next to the last sentance of this editorial. No mention of raising the contribution level above $68,400. No mention of the pessimistic projections being an understatement---the end of the world as we know it might be a better way to describe the actuaries projections on the Social Security trust fund! Sincerely, Tom

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