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Jim heartfield Jim at
Mon Jul 20 13:48:47 PDT 1998

In message < at>, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> writes
>>I have to think that there is plenty for us to do without waiting for
>>a new Paris Commune to come along.
>Of course. They include the following:

>--reestablish truly progressive taxation, 100% tax on all incomes over one
>million dollars.

Today the Labour government has proposed a new tax on car users, to pay for public transport. There are 20 million car owners in a population of 60 million in the UK. They already pay 30 bn per year in taxes on petrol and roads. Expenditure on all transport costs is around one billion. I read this as a regressive tax, not a progressive one. It is not a tax on income, but on expenditure such as tends to punish those at the top less.

Most important, though, the government has said that the tax will be levied before any new money is directed towards other means of public transport, such as trains, buses and so on. Whilst most motorists would agree that with greater choice of public transport they would and should use the car less.

I read this as a step backwards, a regressive tax, dressed up as concern for the environment, but in fact jsut a way of levying more taxes on working people. I wonder if Louis would agree, given his stipulations of proggressive taxation? -- Jim heartfield

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